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Jewellery Care

London-based Jannah Gems create and deliver amazing custom jewellery across the UK.

How To Take Care of Your Jewellery

We have outlined the below recommendations to help you keep your jewellery in good condition.

Your jewellery is precious, so whether you are somebody who wears them every day or only on special occasions, they require your care and attention. Remember,  contact us to make you a custom piece.


What’s the best way to take care of my jewellery?

Remember to remove your jewellery when washing your hands, taking off your make up, putting on perfume. The particles in these and in many daily cosmetics can become present in cavities and form a toxic blend of materials that may lead to premature deterioration of the metal in the long term.

If you do find yourself wearing your jewellery when you encounter cosmetics, remember to subject yourself and your item to rapid washing to eliminate the residue.

It is also important to know what can cause harm. Regular contact with household detergents may damage certain precious stones and pearls.

Gold is particularly sensitive to any products containing mercury, which could inflict irreversible damage. Sulphide which is present in eggs tarnishes silver.

Avoid wearing them to the beach, pool, when playing sport, working, cooking, housework, gardening, but also avoid sliding your pendant along its chain, wearing multiple rings on the same fingers or on fingers next to each other.

Storing your jewellery

We strongly advise that you keep your items stored in the case they came in or to ensure they are individually placed in your home and travel jewellery boxes.

All these can cause knocks and scratches, all things that can be avoided.


Lastly to ensure you do not place your items too close to intense sources of heat or radioactivity.

An idea is to take into account your regular activities when even choosing your jewellery.

Your jewellery's condition

Before you wear your jewellery, take a moment to have a look at it. Make regular checks to the clasp, for example, is it loose. Check the stone is still fixed; shake your items slightly close to your ear.

Can you hear a slight noise?

If so, take this back to us to be re-set before it’s too late!

Tools and jewellery on table

Get your jewellery professionally serviced

It is important that your clean your jewellery often and clean them correctly. Certain stones require care, and you should look to have your jewellery cleaned by professionals in the know.

These items will be ones containing stones such as lapis lazuli, coral, pearl, turquoise or emerald, or even if your piece contains a cluster of stones. Any items not containing those listed, you may carry out the cleaning yourself. If you are not sure, always seek advice.

Arm yourself with a small soft brush. Fill a bowl with clean lukewarm delicate soapy water. Scrub the jewellery delicately, carefully rinse it in the water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

We recommend that once every 1-2 years you look to get your precious jewellery professionally serviced.

Contact us to discuss jewellery care

If you are looking to commission a jewellery maker, then fill in the contact form below with your enquiry. Once we get onto a call, we will be able to discuss the project you have in mind and explore a few design ideas for you to choose from.

We will then be able to give you a time frame for how long it would take to create your jewellery after sending the design to our jewellery maker.

Shipping is UK wide and we offer return on items.

Get in touch with us today.

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